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Eponyms – A Terminological Resource in the Romanian Medical Language

Publication: Studii și cercetări de onomastică și lexicologie, I (1-2), p. 19
Publisher:Editura Sitech
Abstract:The influence of the English language on the Romanian medical terminology also manifests over the terms created as eponyms (especially in the last decades). Proper names of various English or American medical personalities (doctors or researchers), of some patients suffering from a certain disease or syndrome, or of some places where an epidemy or virus manifested for the first time, have entered the medical vocabulary and are gaining more and more space as the time goes by. The study proposes the analysis of eighty biomedical terms from DM (Valeriu Rusu, 2007) and MDN (Florin Marcu, 2007), by describing and classifying them in a rigurous manner.
Key words:eponym, patronym, medical terminology, deonymization, English
Language: English

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