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Reflexive Constructions: Theoretical Aspects and Suggestions for Application

Publication: Analele Universității „Ovidius” din Constanța. Seria Filologie, XXIII (1), p. 65-80
Publisher:Ovidius University Press
Abstract:Reflexive constructions represent one of the major areas of the Romanian grammar, serving as fundamentals of the syntactic theory, whether the verb, the sentence, or the structure and conditions of enunciation are concerned.
Starting from the empirical observation that the dynamics of the linguistic phenomena cannot be adequately accounted for through a too static and analytical approach, the present paper is concerned with the applied study of the reflexive in Romanian. This orientation allows for a correct approach to issues related to the rapports between various usages and the relationships between reflexive and non-reflexive constructions.
Our presentation is exclusively concerned with constructions in which the reflexive form bears a reflexive meaning (i.e. the action done by the subject is oriented towards the subject). Accordingly, we do not address here passive non-pronominal reflexives, passive impersonal and impersonal reflexives, where the reflexive pronoun acts respectively as a passive, passive impersonal (within the passive voice) and impersonal marker.
Key words:reflexive construction, reflexive voice, active voice, intrinsically reflexive pronouns, reflexive-pronominal construction
Language: English

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