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Socio-Cultural Specificity and Translation. Socio-culturally Charged Idioms and Cultural Equivalence

Publication: Analele Universității „Ovidius” din Constanța. Seria Filologie, XX, p. 17-28
Publisher:Ovidius University Press
Abstract:The present paper aims at pointing some of the problems which appear when socio-cultural idioms are to be translated and also at analyzing the translation procedures and methods used in the Romanian-French analyzed examples.
The term idiom is used here in the sense of verbal structure with a global and non-compositional meaning whose elements present a certain degree of cohesion.
We coin the syntagm “specific socio-cultural charge” to define in a generic manner the cultural information contained by a lexical unit. This socio-cultural charge may inform about a specific reality of the informant culture (civ.T) or about the language register/linguistic variety to which the analyzed structure (var.T) belongs.
Key words:cultural equivalence, socio-cultural charge, translation, idioms, adaptation
Language: English

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