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Condiţionalul evidenţialo-citaţional în limbile romanice. O grilă de analiză

Publication: Studii și cercetări lingvistice, LXX (2), Section Lingvistică romanică, p. 218-230
Publisher:Editura Academiei
Abstract:[Evidential and reportative conditional in Romance languages. An analysis proposal]
In literature, the most significant difference between “purely epistemic” uses and those classified as “evidential” is the one between a positive attitude of the speaker regarding the asserted sentence, and an attitude of de-responsibility and distance from the content of pCOND.
Given these premises, our contribution aims at underlining the fact that this dichotomy translates into a much deeper opposition, established at the level of cognitive and discursive mechanisms. Our opinion is that, while purely epistemic sentences describe situations related to supposition, evidential sentences deal with a secondary narration (actually, the narration of another discourse act) related to supposition. Our approach starts from the assumption that both sentence types refer to inferential cognitive processes, based on non-actual parameters (i.e. they do not belong to the speaker’s universe), either implicit or explicit, prior to Sit0. In this case, the difference between the two types of uses consists, in our opinion, in the nature of the core parameter in the inferential process. The analysis method proves that for evidential and reportative occurrences, the focused cognitive (inferential) process is represented by another discourse act (i.e. another discourse universe), different from the one of the utterance itself. Purely epistemic sentences place an inferential focus on the process itself, which may classify as indirect evidence. We believe that Romance Conditional Mood having evidential-reportative uses can be considered a “mediating” form provided that the inferential process undertaken based on a secondary speech act is taken into account.
Key words:
  • mod condiţional, evidenţialitate, valoare citaţională, ulterioritate, limbi romanice
  • conditional mood, evidentiality, reportative value, ulteriority, Romance languages
Language: Romanian

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