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The message as an individual linguistic fact

Publication: Social Sciences and Education Research Review, V (2), p. 99-106
Publisher:Sitech Publishing House
Abstract:The present study is on the axis of the history of communication and refers to incidental elements of the history of the concepts. The object of the research is the conception of Tatiana Slama-Cazacu (1920-2011) about the message as an individual linguistic fact. The methodical procedure of research used is meta-analytical and synthesizing. Firstly, Tatiana Slama-Cazacu's significant contributions to the development of Linguistics and Psycholinguistics are revealed; then, there are arguments to prove that she is the founder of communication research, of communication studies in Romania.
It highlights the research she has made about the message, the relationship between meaning, meaning, speech, speech and message. Finally, the joints of her thesis about the message as an individual linguistic fact are brought to light.
Key words:meaning, language, system, communication, message
Language: English

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