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Ways of discourse impersonalization in the case of Alexandru Philippide

Publication: Journal of Romanian Literary Studies, 11, p. 626-629
Publisher:Arhipelag XXI Press
Abstract:The paper below places emphasis on the impersonation of the lyrical discourse in Alexandru Philippide’s poetry. Writing in a modern style, the poet gradually deconstructs the self, eventually leaving it bereft of soul. Philippide opens his first volume with a significant number of romantic poems, where dream prevails. This dream begins to fade with every work that he writes. The modern conscience becomes more and more lucidity-oriented and more eager to get rid of the soul. The extraction of the soul is performed with the aid of some techniques of impersonation, such as using second person pronouns and verbs instead of first person.
Key words:Alexandru Philippide, impersonation, modernism, exile, objectivity
Language: Romanian

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69Tudor VianuStudii de stilisticăEditura Didactică și Pedagogică1968

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