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The medical language and its difficulties of understanding and receiving by foreign students

Publication: Journal of Romanian Literary Studies, 11, p. 248-255
Publisher:Arhipelag XXI Press
Abstract:The medical language, as a specialized language, supposes a good knowledge of Romanian by foreign students, in this case – of the domain specific terminology. This language has one of the most stable and uniform vocabularies, which ensures an important lexical equivalence, given the necessity of its exact understanding by foreign Romanian speakers. Most of the time the terms taken from English for various medical problems become rescuers in the attempt of explaining certain senses, for while teaching Romanian as a foreign language English is considered a transition language, being known by the majority of the students. The language specialist thus acquires an essential role having as purpose the facilitation of the access of those uninitiated both to the knowledge of Romanian and the medical terminology in the specialized sense in conformity with the norm.
Key words:medical language, terminology, Romanian, sense, vocabulary
Language: English

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