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Omonimia și analiza gramaticală: subiectul

Publication: Analele Universității de Vest din Timișoara. Seria Științe Filologice, LIV, Section Studii de lingvistică, p. 77
Publisher:Editura Universității de Vest
Abstract:[Homonymy and Grammatical Analysis: the Subject]
The area of homonymy was extended to other language levels, in addition to the lexical one, being defined as an association of identical sound complexes with different meanings. With this in view, the objective of the article is to examine some issues regarding the consequences of homonymy for grammatical analysis. We will discuss the homonymy present in structures with a Subject – a complex part of a sentence, the topic of much scholarly debate. We will consider its presence in multi-interpretable units, in which the Subject may be erroneously labelled as Predicative, Subject Complement, Attribute, Direct Object, etc., especially because many Romanian constructions with a Subject are in a direct relationship with some significant morphological elements, but, at the same time, remain ambiguous outside a wider context. In conclusion, for disambiguation, one can use intonation, agreement, word order, etc., not neglecting the fact that some of these situations are a result of the identical case forms which exist in Romanian (for example: Nominative – Accusative). This fact proves, once again, the necessity of an integrated approach to the Romanian grammar, in order to avoid the current confusions; although a morpho-syntactical issue, grammatical homonymy, with influences upon syntactic unit analysis, must also be studied in connection with semantics and phonetics, as it represents a typical case of interdependence between the branches of any language.
Key words:grammar; subject; homonymy; syntax; morphology
Language: Romanian

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