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O contaminare frazeologică în contexte jurnalistice: a se duce pe apa Dunării

Publication: Limba Română (Chișinău), XXVII (1), Section Limbaj și comunicare, p. 112-118
Publisher:Revista „Limba Română”
Abstract:In my paper I will examine the way in which a Romanian idiom (having negative connotations), a se duce pe apa Sâmbetei (literally: “to go down the water of Saturday”) ʻto be wasted’ underwent a formal transformation, namely a substitution, and finally resulted in the phrase a se duce pe apa Dunării (literally: “to go down the water of the Danube”). In this case, as well, one can find in journalistic headlines a series of motivated modifications or adaptations of the respective phrase, according to the topic of the journalistic report.
Language: Romanian

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