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De la menace illocutionnaire aux actes illocutionnaires « menaçants ». Pour une sémantique de l’interaction verbale

Publication: Studii de lingvistică, 2, Section Varia, p. 59-79
Publisher:Facultatea de Litere din Oradea
Abstract:This article has a double goal. On the one hand, on the theoretical level, we argue for and illustrate a semantics of verbal interaction, argumentative (Semantics of Argumentative Probabilities) and conceptual (a cognitive approach), and by doing this, to propose and defend a semantic-pragmatic interface being the simultaneous revelation of two states of the same linguistic phenomenon (linguistic significance and discursive meaning). We will also define and illustrate from this theoretical point of view a modal approach for a class of threatening illocutionary acts, which, while activating the threat of the face(s) of the speaker and/or its recipient, also present a specific emotional component, from their canonical perlocutionary aim, namely to produce a negative emotional state in the recipient: destabilization, fear, shame, unpleasant surprise.
Key words:semantic-pragmatic interface, argumentative semantics, threatening illocutionary acts, illocutionary modalization
Language: French

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