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Borrowings – a Source of Innovation in the Class of Interjections

Publication: Revue roumaine de linguistique, LI (2)
Publisher:Editura Academiei
Abstract:The inter-linguistic mobility of units belonging to the word class traditionally labeled as interjection is examined with the help of a corpus constituted mainly of normative sources (dictionaries, glossaries, grammars, etc.) for several Romance (Romanian, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese) and Germanic languages (Danish, Norwegian, and Swedish). The study establishes an inventory of borrowings in the class of interjections and underlines the sources and target languages, taking into account the chronology of interjectional borrowings, as well as their functional distribution in the borrowing language. The examples provided by our corpus show that the affective and prestige factors seem to play a significant role in this process, together with other factors such as: repetition, expressiveness, exotic flavor and the “striking” phonetic value and quick automatisation.
Language: English

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