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Laborator: Micul dicţionar toponimic al Moldovei, structural şi etimologic şi cerinţele teoriei câmpurilor toponimice

Publication: Anuar de Lingvistică și Istorie Literară, LV, p. 73
Publisher:Editura Academiei
Abstract:[Problems occuring during the operation of processing the toponymic data according to the theory of the toponymic fields]
The problems occurred during the processing of the toponymic data for MDTM (“The Small Toponymic Dictionary of Moldavia”) refer to the effort of reconstructing a toponymic field based on scarce information or gaps in the series of attested forms of place names, which sometimes are altered. The first theorem established by Dragoş Moldovanu in his book on the Theory of toponymic fields (applied to the field of the hydronym Moldova) helps us reconstruct the lost name of a main course of water starting from the diminutive form of its tributary, in the case of the river Tecucel, whose former name was Tecuci. In other cases, the synonymic relation between the basic form of a hydronym and its diminutive form, both forms designating the same geographic reference (Sagna and Săgniţa, names used for the same brook), represents an index of some more complex processes that took place during the evolution of a toponymic field.
All these phenomena require a very critical examination of the toponymic data acquired from different documentary sources by the researcher.
Key words:toponymic field, reconstruction, hydronym, diminutive form, synonym
Language: Romanian

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Cu aplicaţie la câmpul hidronimului Moldova
Editura Universităţii „Alexandru Ioan Cuza”2011html

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