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Various uses of the Relative Pronouns in English and Romanian

Publication: Studii de gramatică contrastivă, 13, p. 37-43
Publisher:Universitatea din Pitești
Abstract:This study aims at presenting the differences and similiarities between various uses of the relative pronouns in English and Romanian. The English relative pronoun refers back to another word or sentence, discharging an anaphoric function. It also introduces either restrictive or descriptive relative clauses. In Romanian, relative pronouns are defined in a context that implies the co-occurrence of two verbs and they are considered to be either a part of the class of both interrogative and relative pronouns, or grouped distinctly as relative pronouns and interrogative pronouns.
Key words:anaphoric function, restrictive relative clauses, descriptive relative clauses, relative pronouns, interrogative pronouns
Language: English

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