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Principii lingvistice de prezentare lexicografică a verbului românesc

Publication: The Proceedings of the “European Integration - Between Tradition and Modernity” Congress, 3, p. 494-505
Publisher:Editura Universităţii „Petru Maior”
Abstract:As far as lexicographic presentation of the verb is concerned, almost all the explanatory dictionaries (and not only the Romanian ones) show the significance of the entire syntagms where the verb appears, without making a clear difference between the verb itself and the semantics of that syntagm. Because of these, the lexicographic analysis of the verb is first of all done starting from the affiliation of the verbal meaning to one of the three big categories of verbs (action, becoming, state) and thus the verb that is defined through the lexicographic definition belongs to one of these three categories. And furthermore, in order to exclude the contextual partners, the lexicographic definition of the verb will show the context elements between brackets. Thus, special modalities in presenting the verb will appear, especially in the case of intransitive and pronominal verbs and of the object of the verb (direct or indirect object). In this paper we present concrete patterns of lexicographic presentation of the verb in relation with its subject or object.
Language: Romanian

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