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Tipare de variaţie semantică şi terminologică în vocabularul panlatin al pneumopatiilor profesionale (studiu contrastiv, cu aplicaţie pe limbile neolatine şi limba engleză)

Publication: Philologica Jassyensia, XI (2), p. 139
Publisher:Institutul de Filologie Română „A. Philippide”
Abstract:[Patterns of Semantic and Terminological Variation in the Panlatin Vocabulary of Professional Pneumopathies (Contrastive Study with Application to Romance Languages and English)]
The paper offers a diachronic contrastive study (applied on the English language and Neo-Latin languages) of terminology in the field of “professional pneumopathies”, on a number of 160 notions. The relationship between the common language and the terminology of a specialized field of study, between the Greek-Latin and Neo-Latin languages, as well as the English language, the types of interdisciplinarity represent some of the objectives of our study. The ways to preserve the unambiguous nature of terms from one language to another, the patterns of equivalence, the role of the terminological metaphor in preserving the transparency of specialized languages are other highlights of the present analysis.The contrastive, descriptive linguistic analysis as well as the semasiological study are two of the methods applied.
One of the conclusions of our research is that the patterns of equivalence/translation of the medical terminology differ from one language to another according to several (semasiological, linguistic, cultural, etymological, etc.) criteria. To this – even if in the background – the natural characteristic of every Indo-European language to reflect/maintain its own identity is added.
Key words:multilingualism, pneumopathies, Romance languages, English, semantic mobility
Language: Romanian

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