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Ideologie diglosică într-o comunitate monolingvă de jure

Publication: Philologia, LVII (5-6), p. 97
Publisher:Academia de Științe a Moldovei
Abstract:[Diglossic ideology in a monolingual de jure community] In the early XIXth century as a result of the division of the linguistic area of Prut and nistru (1812) in two Romanian linguistic communities, the phenomenon of diglossic ideology appears which promotes the second language – the immigrant language (the Russian). Thus, not only the sociolinguistic background of manifestation of the diglossic ideology in these two Romanian linguistic communities is different, but the implications or the repercussions of this sociolinguistic phenomenon on the Romanian language of the Bessarabian space and of the space of Prut are much different. This is clearly demonstrated by the Romanian vocabulary of the glossaries and of Russian-Romanian bilingual dictionaries edited in the same historical period in these two linguistic communities.
Key words:linguistic community, diglossic ideology, monolingualism, bilingualism, multilingualism, multidialectism, linguistic contact, immigrant language, diglossia, language policy, glottal policy, bilingual interference, diglossic mitigating ideology
Language: Romanian

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5Iorgu IordanBilingvism în domeniul romanicSCL, XXIV (2), 1291973

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