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Aspects du discours narratif dans les romans de Camil Petrescu

Publication: Annals of „Valahia” University of Târgovişte. Letters Section, VII
Publisher:Valahia University Press
Abstract:The topic of this paper is the narrative discourse in the novel The Last Love Night, the First War Night written by Camil Petrescu. The main character, Ştefan Gheorghidiu, is the narrator, and the reader of the novel can notice him in an actor’s role, reliving his past in the moment of writing. So, the reader sees the world through the eyes of this character. Consequently, the narrative perspective in this novel is fixed, the narrator and the character being the same person who presents the facts from a unique perspective.
The next novel presented here is Procust’s Bed. Here the perception over a fact passes from one character to the next. So, here we deal with the actor narrative perspective. The variable focus turns Procust’s Bed into a sort of metatext where the declared author assumes the role of organizer and, implicitly, that of author. The intervention of the author-character is a kind of invitation for the reader to new interpretations. This explains the impression of modernity coming from Camil Petrescu’s novels.
Key words:Last Love Night, the First War Night, Procust’s Bed, narrative discourse, character, actor narrative perspective
Language: French

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