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L’univers de la linguistique

Publication: Annals of „Valahia” University of Târgovişte. Letters Section, VII
Publisher:Valahia University Press
Abstract:[The universe of linguistics] The Romanian linguistics includes the great names such as Iorgu Iordan, Alexandru Rosetti, Alexandru Graur, Emil Petrovici. They have been passionate researchers who have had great contributions to the development of the Romanian linguistics, introducing it abroad, too. Former student of these famous mentors, the author of this communication has continued their work, bringing in his turn some remarkable contributions to the development of the Romanian and general linguistics through a rich and varied work, related to Judeo-Spanish, to Latin languages, to Romanian, to problems of linguistic contacts, or even to world languages.
Many of these works have been published abroad arousing the interest of the linguists from different countries. A young researcher may here find references for strictness in the scientific activity, the importance of the bibliography, of the detailed study and the facts of language on which any assertion is based.
Key words:linguistics, Romanian linguistics, Romanian language, Latin languages, linguistic contacts, bibliography, study, linguistic facts
Language: French

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64Marius SalaDe la latină la românăUnivers Enciclopedic; Pro Universitaria1998, 2006; 2012

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