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Abstract linguistic fields. Cuvânt – binecuvântare – iubire – mulțumire (word – blessing – love – gratitude)

Publication: Annals of „Valahia” University of Târgovişte. Letters Section, IX (2), p. 25
Publisher:Valahia University Press
Abstract:In the interpretation of the sense of the abstract concepts, there intervenes a series of subjective elements which have been analyzed from a linguistic perspective, proposing a referential interpretation on several levels in relation with the linguistic context. The studies have shown that despite the subjectiveness and variability in the interpretation of the abstract concepts, there is always a semantic core or a semantic average or a predictable sense that makes it possible for the locators to understand one another from a linguistic perspective; the specialists insisted on the need to make the sense of the abstract concepts tangible (or to reify it) trough diverse contextual situations (note 1). Developing through a process of abstractization, the lexeme WORD acquired a large array of significations, of which the most important is, of course, the one of “linguistic unit, utterance, term”. In Old Romanian, WORD was used more frequently thantoday and its meanings were more numerous. Especially in the vocabulary of affectiveness (of which we have selected for analysis the terms GRATITUDE, LOVE) there are difficulties in the delimitation and the definition of the senses, difficulties given by the polisemy of the words in this domain.
Key words:abstract linguistic field, word, blessing, love, gratitude
Language: English

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