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Trei criptograme descifrate

Publication: Dacoromania. Serie nouă, XX (1)
Publisher:Editura Academiei
Abstract:[Three Decoded Cryptograms] The article brings forward three decoded cryptograms that were found in three old Romanian books, at the Library of the Romanian Academy in Cluj-Napoca. The encoded texts are written in Romanian with a Cyrillic alphabet and are small in size. The importance of these three cryptograms, presented in the form of three notes, lies in the fact that they actually present an encoded text, but especially in the fact that this encoded writing has been decoded. Thus, deciphering encrypted texts marks a contribution to the encryption mode by substituting the value of some letters with others, so that their reading becomes accessible only to those who know this encoding system.
Key words:
  • carte românească veche, criptografie, însemnări, Biblioteca Academiei Române, Filiala Cluj
  • Old Romanian Book, cryptography, book notes, The Library of the Romanian Academy in Cluj
Language: Romanian

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