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Retorica citării în presa scrisă. Strategii

Publication: Studii și cercetări lingvistice, LXII (2), p. 193-202
Publisher:Editura Academiei
Abstract:In this article we described some rhetorical aspects of journalistic discourse. Our observations are based on political texts from Romanian newspapers, published during the 2009 presidential elections. They belong to general information newspapers, non-tabloids and non-parodics. We started the analysis taking into account the fact that to be chosen and used as quotes, speeches (or fragments of them) in question must meet several requirements. Among these demandings are the roles of the emitent sources in relation with the event or the subject, problem that we discussed in a previous paper.
In the pages above we have analyzed two press articles having in common that they treat the same subject, and that they use massive quotes belonging to sources fulfilling the same role, respectively specialists. We tried to detect to what extent one can speak of the existence of rhetoric, who exactly and how it carries.
In the context of the present research, we understand by rhetoric, that science of discourse having persuasion as primary function, but also according to evidence, demonstrative and deliberative functions too.
However, given that in both texts reproduced meet two types of discourse, one of the journalist and the other one of the quoted source, naturally, a series of questions are born. Can we talk about a single rhetoric? Can we talk about a rhetoric of the journalist and the other, of the quoted source? Is there an independent or a subordinate relationship?
Language: Romanian

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