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Women managers in meetings. Ways of expression power

Publication: Bulletin of the Transilvania University of Brașov. Series IV: Philology and Cultural Studies, 8 (1), p. 5
Publisher:Transilvania University Press
Abstract:Power, a widely studied concept, constructs identities, behaviour, knowledge and discourse. Operating through language, hegemony is taken for granted and the discourses it creates become the norms in institutions. Power has been analysed in a variety of organisations – legal, educational, medical and economical. This paper uses the data transcribed from a meeting held in a medium-sized Romanian company that sells building materials, with the aim of identifying the ways in which the woman manager running the company expresses power.
Key words:power, directives, politeness, questions, interruptions, I, we
Language: English

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11Mihaela Gheorghe, Stanca Măda, Răzvan Săftoiu (ed.)Comunicarea la locul de muncă
Schiță de tipologie a textelor redactate în mediul profesional românesc
Editura Universității „Transilvania” din Brașov2009

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