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Ways of Constructing Metaphor in the Narrative of Ion Creangă

Publication: Dacoromania. Serie nouă, XIV (2), p. 167-181
Publisher:Editura Academiei
Abstract:The purpose of the present study is to analyse the different ways of building metaphors in Ion Creanga’s Stories and Tales from the point of view of the structure analysis, which involves simple metaphorical structures and complex metaphorical structures. In our approach of the structure analysis we chose E. Dorcescu’s classification from his work The Poetic Metaphor (1975). The distinction between the two classes of metaphorical structures has mainly a methodological purpose, most of the times they appear together making it difficult to establish the boundaries between them. A fair number of quotes prove the author’s continuous preoccupation with creating complex metaphorical structures in a different, shading manner. Fragments that are relatively short are also evidence of an abundance and diversity of lexical and grammatical elements used for this purpose. Usually, the complex metaphorical structures are well-bound phrases that consist of metaphorical nouns, as well as verbs and epithets turned metaphorical by induction. Therefore, we can observe the multiple relations between substance, quality and action in the process of metaphor building. Starting form the idea that connections can be established between different classes of words, we believe that these structures are the most interesting, because the correlation with an adjective or a verb has been done at some point, and now they exist in the language as conventional metaphors.
Language: English

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