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The Metaphors for Death and the Death of Conceptual Metaphors in Poetry. An Analysis Based on Emily Dickinson’s Poem Because I Could not Stop for Death

Publication: Dacoromania. Serie nouă, XVII (2), p. 108-123
Publisher:Editura Academiei
Abstract:One of the well-known tenets of the cognitive poeticians is the idea (already argued in Lakoff, Turner 1989) that poetic language makes a special use of the same underlying conceptual metaphors as the ordinary ones. In contradistinction to this view, I propose that poetic metaphors are not derived from our conventionalized conceptual metaphors. My argumentation focuses on the study of metaphors for Death from a single poem, namely from Emily Dickinson’s poem Because I Could Not Stop For Death. The analysis proves that the supposed basic “operations” – of “extending”, “elaborating”, “composing”, “questioning” of conventionalized conceptual metaphors – are in fact poetic semantic strategies oriented toward “contradicting” the “parameters of generic-level structure” of metaphors and, consequently, our ordinary experience in the world.
Key words:conceptual metaphor, poetic metaphor, metaphorical worlds, poetic semantic strategies, cognitive poetics, anthropological poetics
Language: English

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9Mircea BorcilăContribuții la elaborarea unei tipologii a textelor poeticeSCL, XXXVIII (3), 1851987

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