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De la mise en thème à la mise en texte de l’information. Quelle place pour le point de vue du journaliste? Le cas du reportage

Publication: Dacoromania. Serie nouă, XVIII (1), p. 65-82
Publisher:Editura Academiei
Abstract:The author situates her approach of discourse genera within the framework of text linguistics, enunciative approach and discourse pragmatics. The article focuses on the report: the position it confers to the journalist’s point of view and the elements that contribute to the construction of his point of view. Thus, the author attempts to examine the presence of the enunciative instance through the modes and places of its linguistic inscription in connection to the operations of the theme construction and the textual organization of information. In order to describe these operations as accurately as possible, the author analyzes three papers published in Libération in 2010 and in Le Monde in 2011. The author concludes that the degree of implication of the journalistic enunciative instance in the media discourse depends on several defining choices that relate to hypergenus and discourse genus, thematic section, the information turned into discourse object, the angle of approach projected on the discourse object, the textual organization, the enunciative setting, the presence of markers belonging to an evaluative judgment, the editorial line and the ideological position of the newspaper.
Language: French

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