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Corpus médiatiques et interprétation: le cas des débats présidentiels

Publication: Dacoromania. Serie nouă, XVIII (1), p. 19-34
Publisher:Editura Academiei
Abstract:In spite of their extreme variety, media discourses share a common characteristic: they address a « massive » and heterogeneous audience (readers, listeners or TV watchers). Assuming that the analyst has to reconstruct the way the various participants interpret the discourse they receive, his task remains particularly delicate in the case of media discourses for which a collective, silent « extra-addressee » – the audience – is to be added to the actively involved participants. In this article, the problem is investigated from the case of a particular type of televised debates, i.e. electoral debates, and more precisely the debates taking place between the first and second ballot of the French presidential elections. The detailed study of three different excerpts enables the author to specify what the task of the analyst as « archinterpreter » consists in, in such a case.
Key words:
  • presidential debates, ethos, interpretation, negotiation
  • débats présidentiels, éthos, interprétation, négociation
  • dezbateri prezidenţiale, etos, interpretare, negociere
Language: French

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