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English Words in Fishing Terminology

Publication: Language and Literature – European Landmarks of Identity, 15, p. 335
Publisher:Universitatea din Pitești
Abstract:Theoretical and applied terminology occurred due to the interest of scientists and technicians to make specific information more available to professionals in the respective fields or to the general public. Nowadays, vocabulary is witnessing a massive upsurge of new terminologies brought about by the dynamics of languages for specific purposes. The fields of interest for linguists were general language, sports, press, before 1990s and almost every aspect of everyday life such as business, medicine, computing science, fashion etc. since then. Making a research on the market of articles on specialized languages one can notice that fishing terminology is less if not at all discussed although it has a strong representation of anglicisms. The present study focuses on a corpus of unadapted English loanwords present in glossy fishing magazines that belong to specific terminology; at the same time the study brings into attention many of the words of English origin that have been circulating in the general language for some time and that are also present in the above mentioned magazines.
Key words:glossy magazines, fishing terminology, English loanwords
Language: English

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61Adriana Stoichițoiu-IchimAspecte ale influenței engleze în româna actualăEditura Universității din București2006

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