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Sextil Puşcariu and the Folklore

Publication: Caietele Sextil Pușcariu, I, Section Istorie literară și culturală, p. 241
Actele Conferinței Internaționale „Zilele Sextil Pușcariu”, Ediția I, Cluj-Napoca, 12–13 septembrie 2013
Editori: Eugen Pavel, Nicolae Mocanu; Coperta: Călin Stegerean; Layout: Nicolae Mocanu
Tiparul a fost finanțat de Asociația Culturală „Text și discurs religios” din Iași
Publisher:Editura Scriptor; Editura Argonaut
Abstract:The ethnographical and folkloristic pursuits of Sextil Puşcariu are little known and his name is unjustly omitted from the histories and lexicons of these fields. The accomplishments of this great philologist in the study of traditional culture was not limited to the role of supporter and protector of the four institution created in Cluj: The Ethnographic Museum of Transylvania (1922), The Romanian Ethnographic Society (1923), The Department and the Archive of Folklore of the Romanian Academy (1930). The study reveals a series of observations and acknowledgements on the values of folk culture, drawn from the linguistic of literary history works of the philologist from Cluj: philosophical interpretations of the messages of some texts, the emphasis on the importance of some thematic repertoires, the role of questionnaires in the linguistic and folkloristic researches. Also, light is shed on the significance of the interdisciplinary study of folk culture and language.
Key words:
  • instituţii de cercetare, instrumente de lucru, domenii umaniste, limbă, cultură, filosofie populară, contexte istorice
  • research institutions, work methods, humanities, language, culture, folk philosophy, historical contexts
Language: English

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