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Toponymical Structures in English and Romanian. Notes on some Phraseological Structures in English and Romanian Involving Proper Names

Publication: Studii de gramatică contrastivă, 18, p. 40-46
Publisher:Universitatea din Pitești
Abstract:The present paper represents a comparative approach to the toponymical structures in English and Romanian. The main toponymical structures that constitute the object of this article are those encountered in various phraseological units in both languages. More precisely, the article focuses on the place names that occur in English and Romanian expressions and phraseological units. They are presented from different perspectives, including the linguistic and cultural points of view. The material was selected from English and Romanian phraseological dictionaries, including The New Oxford Dictionary of English, as well as other theoretical sources.
Key words:phraseological unit, proper name, place names, toponymical structure
Language: English

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42Florica DimitrescuLocuțiunile verbale în limba românăEditura Academiei1958

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