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Contribuţia lui G. Ivănescu în domeniul sintaxei limbii române

Publication: Anuar de Lingvistică și Istorie Literară, LIII, p. 349
Publisher:Editura Academiei
Abstract:G. Ivănescu's name remains an important landmark in Romanian linguistics, due to the number of his works, his erudite and comprehensive studies, his interpretive solutions and, also, due to the influence of his ideas and theories. As he openly declared, the Romanian scholar considered grammar as a domain governed by the laws of linguistic, morphologic and syntactic universalia. In syntax, G. Ivănescu intended not only to approach grammar from the perspective of general linguistics, referring to well-known authors, but also from a logical perspective. His ideas and theories are found in Course in Modern Romanian Syntax and also in some of his articles and studies, and can be summarized in four basic directions: the research subject of syntax, its specific research methodology, the development of its own terminological apparatus and recording its scientific evolution or history. The scholar's true contribution can be weighted through a quantitative evaluation of his ideas that further protruded the scientific literature on syntax. As a result of undergoing this evaluation, we have found that G. Ivănescu's syntactic theories are still very much present, particularly in Iassy linguistic school, but also in other academic centers in the country where, for certain periods of time, G. Ivănescu taught.
Key words:syntax, methodology, terminology, categories, linguistics universalia
Language: Romanian

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42Alexandru GraurStudii de lingvistică generalăEditura Academiei1955; 1960

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