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Gh. Asachi – Founder of the First Philharmonic Dramatic Conservatory in Moldova

Publication: Philologica Jassyensia, IX (2), p. 95-102
Publisher:Institutul de Filologie Română „A. Philippide”
Abstract:It is difficult to be obliged to confine ourselves to a few lines in making a presentation, especially a general one, when it comes to such a subject as the multi-talented personality of Gheorghe Asachi. The portrait of the young Gh. Asachi should include, without qualification, designations such as: hard working, self-confident, optimistic, and tenacious. All these qualities were the strong suits of an unparalleled talent, who was unsurpassable in his time. The numerous fields of activity that he initiated and developed and in which he is considered a pioneer are impressively vast. Asachi was an engineer, a professor, a diplomat, a sketcher, a journalist, a painter, a printer, an archivist and a playwright. Driven by a strong love of country, Gh. Asachi returned in 1812 to Moldavia after his studies abroad. He acquired a solid education in both humanistic and scientific disciplines, which was superior to many of his contemporary intellectuals; he spoke many foreign languages, including Polish, Russian, Latin, German, Italian, French and English like no other in his time did. From this point on, he will play an important role as the founder of the institutions needed in the development of a modern state and required by the historical reality of a nation.
Key words:Gheorghe Asachi, Philharmonic Dramatic Conservatory, personalities, culture, Moldavia
Language: English

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