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Incursiuni la originea publicisticii româneşti: Gh. Asachi şi B.P. Hasdeu

Publication: Philologica Jassyensia, IX (2), p. 51-56
Publisher:Institutul de Filologie Română „A. Philippide”
Abstract:The nineteenth century is a period of extensive changes both socially, politically and economically as well as culturally. Changes in social, political and economical areas are reflected in the cultural and the most obvious changes are caused by the synchronization tendency to the Western culture. New areas appear and the existing areas are brought to the level of the Western culture. The journalism has a special place because it is an area that appears and developes its features in the nineteenth century.
In this article we will consider the setting up and evolution of Romanian journalism in the nineteenth century by reference to two leading journalists of the analyzed period: Gh Asachi and B.P. Hasdeu. Asachi is the founder of the first newspaper of Romanian language in Moldova, Hasdeu brings important contributions to journalism by separting clearly the areas of public interest in the pages of the newspaper. The first is the one who lays the foundation of journalism in Romanian, in its magazine (Albina Românească) we may find a variety of subjects: literature, culture, politics. Unlike his predecessor, B.P. Hasdeu makes a selection of topics according to the areas of life, in the pages of the same magazine or in different magazines (Columna lui Traian – literary magazine, Romania – publication that presents the political, economical, social situation). In this study we analyze several articles on political issues, paying attention both to the content (topics, doctrine, etc..) and to the form (language, argumentative and persuasive strategies, stylistic marks that underline the individuality of each one of the two journalists) in order to identify common elements and those specific to each publisher.
Key words:political journalism, article, subject, form, stylistic marks, argumentation
Language: Romanian

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