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Current Trends in Romanian Medical Lexicography

Publication: Philologica Jassyensia, IX (1), p. 45-51
Publisher:Institutul de Filologie Română „A. Philippide”
Abstract:In the Romanian lexicography, the existence of a large number of general medical dictionaries represents an advantage for the study of the terminological corpus in the field of medicine. In recent years, we can notice, as a consequence of the appearance of certain new medical sub branches, an intense activity of publication of certain dictionaries focused on fields such as: genetics, bioethics, immunology, etc. In this respect, we have to mention that the diversity and richness of the medical terms, the accentuated use of neologisms in the current medical language are elements which explain the concern, both of lexicographers and of physicians for these aspects of the specialized vocabulary.
The analysis of the Romanian medical lexicography can show, besides the positive aspects, certain decreases of this kind of writings. Therefore, the special dictionaries which take into consideration narrow fields (dentistry, bioethics, logopedia) take up the general medical terms; these repetitions unnecessarily charge the inventory of the specialized terms. Even though there is a diversity of current Romanian medical dictionaries, there are still uncovered areas. Even though certain treatises of medicine contain lists of abbreviations and acronyms, the autonomous dictionaries of medical abbreviations are not present in the Romanian lexicographic area. All these notations, and not only, can contribute to the replenishment of the image of the Romanian scientific lexicography as a whole.
Key words:genetics, medical abbreviations, dentistry
Language: English

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