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Modernitate mediatică în lumea operei lui Ion Luca Caragiale

Publication: Philologica Jassyensia, VIII (2), p. 87-100
Publisher:Institutul de Filologie Română „A. Philippide”
Abstract:After the recent books dedicated to the work of Ion Luca Caragiale (Pârvulescu: 2011) the author of this material returns to the study of a classic writer’s writings, through depicting his activity in the world of newspapers and newsrooms (Marinescu 2005a and Marinescu 2005b). This study presents the main themes about media modernity that characterizes Ion Luca Caragiale’s literary work: 1. Stultitiae Laus or media’s modernity, 2. Media’s functions in the Romanian society of the XIXth century, 3. Dis/Mis/information gazette, 4. Local news media and their interpretation function, 5. The educational function of journals, 6. Entertainment and newspapers’ show, 7. The newspapers and triggering of the mechanisms of solidarity, 8. Romanian journalism history and media communication tools, 9. Newspapers and duel, 10. Ion Luca Caragiale a journalist for opinions? Though he earned his living variously as a journalist, translator, and prose writer Caragiale was one of Romania's preeminent playwrights and among the most important literary figures in his country's history. The analysis is based on Caragiale’s literary works included in the volume (Caragiale: 2000) and in the documents consulted at the Library of Romanian Academy and the Metropolitan Library Mihail Sadoveanu from Bucharest.
Key words:Ion Luca Caragiale, media, realism, modernity, great classic of Romanian literature
Language: Romanian

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