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Identitatea prin limbă și „modele” lingvistice

Publication: Limba și literatura română în spațiul etnocultural dacoromânesc și în diaspora, Section Lingvistică: I. Limbă și identitate
Editors:Ofelia Ichim, Florin-Teodor Olariu
Publisher:Editura Trinitas
Abstract:[Language Identity and linguistic Fashion]
In the last few years the Romanian vocabulary has faced avalanche of anglicisms that invaded the language and is still continuing to rise at an accelerated speed. The international character, the precision of the necessary anglicisms and also the need to replace “wooden language” of the period prior to the 1990’s, as well as the wish to “impress”, have determined the invasion of the Eg. origin terms. The problem of the anglicisms in the contemporary Romanian language must be regarded and studied in accordance to the cultivating and norming processes of the language.
Language: Romanian

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