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Punctuaţie (stilistică şi segmentare) în proza artistică

Publication: Philologia, LIV (5-6), p. 116-126
Publisher:Academia de Științe a Moldovei
Abstract:Punctuation is known to be a system of conventional signs aimed to divide the syntactical units, according to the relations established between parts of the sentence, or sentences and phrases, or to highlight the proper intonation in different types of sentences. The punctuation marks correspond to the intonation and pauses made while speaking. However, this correspondence is far to be absolute. Performing this function, punctuation is a graphic auxiliary element for syntax. There are strictly established grammar rules for the use of the punctuation marks. Some of these norms are compulsory, while others can be applied more freely.
Key words:punctuation, segmentation, prose, pause, phrase
Language: Romanian

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148Iorgu IordanStilistica limbii româneEditura Științifică1975

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