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Vlad Zografi, traducteur et éditeur paradoxal

Publication: Atelier de traduction, 21, p. 239
Publisher:Editura Universităţii din Suceava
Abstract:The portrait that we are trying to compose here is that of a paradoxical translator, a meddler who seeks the deep meaning of things, but who strikes as odd with his discrete labor. It is the portrait of a translator with an unusual career path, a passionate and rigorous man who loves music and swimming off-shore and who hates models. At the same time, it is the portrait of a skeptic and an agnostic, who loves to cook for his friends, to discover the talent to roar with laughter on his own account and to give an answer to those who wonder about his relation with Divinity: « Je ne peux pas croire, mais ne pas croire, c’est trop simple » (Zografi, 2010c).
Key words:Vlad Zografi, translator, editor, writer, paradox
Language: French

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