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Probleme traductologice din Coloseni 2:18 reflectate în tradiţia biblică românească

Publication: Receptarea Sfintei Scripturi: între filologie, hermeneutică şi traductologie. Lucrările Simpozionului Naţional „Explorări în tradiţia biblică românească şi europeană”, IV, p. 243
Publisher:Editura Universității „Alexandru Ioan Cuza”
Abstract:The present article aims to determine the way in wich three major exegetical and traductological problems in Colossians 2:18 were rendered into Romanian, from the earliest Romanian version of Paul’s letters (Bălgrad 1648) up to the most recent Romanian versions of the NT, namely the genitival construction θρησκεία τῶν ἀγγελῶν, the textual form of the verb ὁράω and the meaning of the verb ἐμβατεύω. In order to provide a wider hermeneutical framework, the history of interpretation of this verse is offered in this article. Finally, a new translation into Romanian of Colossians 2:18 is advanced.
Key words:Colossians 2.18, interpretation, Romanian versions, worship of angels
Language: Romanian

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