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Studiu comparativ al frecvenţei utilizării englezismelor în publicaţiile periodice din Republica Moldova şi România (2013-2015)

Publication: Philologia, LVIII (5-6), p. 109
Publisher:Academia de Științe a Moldovei
Abstract:[Comparative study of the frequency of using Anglicisms in periodical publications from Republic of Moldova and Romania]
In their evolution, world languages intersect and overlap each other. In the modern period, English has the greatest influence on the other languages. Under this influence falls and Romanian.
how is the given process reflected on the Romanian language, we follow it in a comparative study, based on an investigation, related to the frequency of the penetration of the Anglicisms in Romanian communication through the mass-media from the both sides of the Prut river.
The problems of phonetic, morphological and semantic adaptation of English neologisms in the Romanian vocabulary will be the research object of our brief exposures.
Key words:Evolution, influence, English language, Romanian language, Anglicisms, comparative study, mass-media, phonetic, morphological and semantic adaptation
Language: Romanian

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