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Valori stilistice ale superlativului în lirica lui Traian Dorz

Publication: Philologica Banatica, VIII (2), p. 105
Publisher:Editura Mirton; Editura Amphora
Abstract:[Stylistic values of the superlative in Traian Dorz’s poetry]
Our paper’s main objective is to consider some aspects regarding the superlative form of the Adjectives found in Traian Dorz’s poetry – a Romanian contemporary poet, unfortunately less studied, author of various poems of mystical insight and numerous volumes of memoirs and religious meditation. We will have in view the fact that, sometimes, Adjectives like curat or frumos (used mainly with secondary or figurative meanings) bare, simultaneously, marks of the Relative Superlative of superiority (like cel mai...) and of the Absolute one (which has the prefix prea-, for intensifying – till exaggeration – that particular characteristic), which generates, in some lexical combinations, an extra dose of originality and expressivity. Thus, artistic images with a remarkable stylistic potential are created. Beyond the simple usage of some meanings, more or less known, of such Adjectives, the redundant character of the morphemes that give maximum intensity – as a typical gesture of subjective approach, of emotional involvement – highlights the author’s artistic view, his philosophy of life and Divinity (idea on which lies the entire lyrical message of this Romanian poet).
Key words:
  • lexicologie, morfologie, poezie mistico-religioasă, semantică, stilistică
  • Lexicology, Morphology, Mystic-religious Poetry, Semantics, Stylistics
Language: Romanian

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