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La concessive évaluative-intensive, une structure en voie de grammaticalisation

Publication: Înspre şi dinspre Cluj : contribuţii lingvistice : omagiu profesorului G. G. Neamţu la 70 de ani, p. 288-296
Editors:Ionuț Pomian, Nicolae Mocanu
Abstract:[The evaluative-intensive concessive clause, a structure in the process of grammaticalization]
The present article deals with a class of French concessive structures whose syntax raises a number of issues still in discussion. A new view on the typology of these structures enables the author to make some observations on the formal status and archaic character of these concessive clauses that predispose it to a gradual process of grammaticalization or lexicalization. These phenomena, that play an important role in the evolution of language, are presented in the last part of the article showing how progressive grammaticalization process leads to the transformation of syntactic structures in lexical-grammatical categories or to the transformation of some evaluative-intensive marks in temporal or spatial conjunctions.
Key words:
  • subordonate concesive, mărci evaluative-intensive, gramaticalizare, lexicalizare
  • concessive structures, evaluative-intensive markers, grammaticalization, lexicalization
Language: French

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