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Semantica numelor de rudenie în română şi coreeană

Publication: Analele Universității din București. Limba și literatura română, LIV
Publisher:Editura Universității din Bucureşti
Abstract:The purpose of this research paper is based on a comparison between the lexical-semantic fields of ‘relatives’ in two totally different languages, respectively Romanian and Korean. Comparing the specific lexical-semantic features, we can establish the essential semantic organization of each language, which determine major differences of meaning. The contrast between Romanian and Korean is mainly quantitative. Korean uses much more ways of expression and semantic distinctions than Romanian, in order to emphasize certain oppositions. Describing in details these distinctions and supplying examples will give us a general view on the specific character of the two different languages, within the same lexical-semantic field.
Key words:Romanian, Korean, lexical-semantic fields, relatives
Language: Romanian

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