Diacronia 9, 7 mai, 2019, A131 (1–17)

Inferential structures in old Romanian. The conditional and the concessive

Ștefan Găitănaru


Faculty of Letters, University of Pitești, Str. Gh. Doja 41, 110253 Pitești, Romania


Received February 12, 2019
Accepted March 5, 2019
Published May 7, 2019




The present study aims to highlight the fact that the conditional and concessive periods are two forms of manifestation of the hypothetical-deductive reasoning at the level of natural language. The evolution of the connectors has been described in diachrony, sometimes with the emphasis of the interference zones, with the semantic values imposed by the modal component of the predicativity and by the contextual determinism. The evolutionary analysis of the connectors has highlighted the fact that the old Romanian language, in order to impose the concessive procedural meaning, owns, like the other Romanic languages, a great area of creativity, but, unlike them, it also exercises its conservative character. The conception of the two syntactic relations as variants of the same system, studies the stylistic projection (the paradox and the oxymoron), the semantic and formal relation of the connectors and the implication of the adversative coordinating connectives in the polarization of the oppositions in the old Romanian language.


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