Diacronia 8, 7 octombrie, 2018, A121 (1–8)doi:10.17684/i8A121en

A diachronic analysis of the Crasna hydronim field

Daniela Butnaru


“A. Philippide” Institute of Romanian Philology, Str. Th. Codrescu 2, 700481 Iași, Romania


Received July 23, 2018
Accepted August 21, 2018
Published October 7, 2018


toponymic field


This study aims at analyzing the formation (through differentiation and polarization processes as described by Dragoș Moldovanu) as well as the evolution of the toponymic field developed from the hydronym Crasna, the name of a tributary of the Bîrlad River. The organization of such a toponymic ensemble around a main toponym which denominates a (socio)geographical object regarded by denominators as being of major importance when compared to other toponyms in the area represents a natural process that mirrors the reality in the field. Our approach is based on information extracted from document collections, dictionaries, maps and monographs. The synchronic and diachronic study of Crasna toponym field revealed the relationships between toponyms, the denominative concurrence, the existence of certain homonyms, as well as the evolution of the toponymic structure.


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