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Structura semioticii: Husserl, Peirce, Saussure, Coşeriu

Publicația: Înspre şi dinspre Cluj : contribuţii lingvistice : omagiu profesorului G. G. Neamţu la 70 de ani, p. 630-644
Editori:Ionuț Pomian, Nicolae Mocanu
Rezumat:[The structure of semiotics: Husserl, Peirce, Saussure, Coseriu]
A comparison is sketched between three different and yet convergent projects for a “general science of signs” - those pertaining to Charles Sanders Peirce, Edmund Husserl and Ferdinand de Saussure - the main purpose being to rediscover and re-analyse the original basic questions (and answers) which made this science not only possible, but utterly necessary. The main object of our discussion is the role played by signs (human, intentional, especially linguistic signs) not merely in expressing / describing states of facts or some brute reality already existent, but in the constitution itself of what we use do call “reality”. Towards the end, a fourth contribution, pertaining mainly to text linguistics, is brought into light - the one of Eugenio Coseriu. His model of the double semiotic articulation in texts allows us to elaborate a possible semiotic development for integral linguistics and to set it in parallel with Peirce’s triadic theory of semiosis.
  • semiologie, semioză, fenomenologie, pragmatică, structuralism, lingvistică integrală
  • semiotics, semiology, semiosis, phenomenology, pragmatics, structuralism, integral linguistics
Limba: română

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