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Allocutive address formulae in the picaresque novel „Le Bachelier de Salamanque” by René Lesage. A study on the first translation into Romanian (the 18th century)

Publicația: The Proceedings of the International Conference Literature, Discourse and Multicultural Dialogue. Section: Language and Discourse, 4, p. 91-98
Editori:Iulian Boldea
Editura:Arhipelag XXI Press
Rezumat:he picaresque novel of Alain-René Lesage (1688-1747), Le Bachelier de Salamanque ou Mémoires et aventures de Don Chérubin de la Ronda, was first published in 1736. The French text contains all the three books of the novel and is preceded by a contents on chapters, with an introduction made by the author. The original text was taken from the internet, being written in the 18th century French, obeying the ortography and punctuation rules specific to that period. The first translation into the 18th century Romanian language (“Moldavian”) belongs to the abbot Gherasim Clipa from Iași Mitropoly. Our article represents a particular research on the allocutive formulae and the comments on their translation into Old Romanian, a study which does not belong to the final collective book to be published this December, as an outcome of the research project PNII ID-PCE 2011-3-0722, Idei- “The Beginning of the Modernization of the Romanian Culture and its Connection to the western Europe through Translations” (2011-2016) –“Începuturile modernizării culturii românești și conexiunile cu Europa occidentală prin intermediul traducerilor”.
We are dealing with the terms regarding the didactic and the ecclesiastical careers, certain allocutive noble titles, forms of address, proper names, comments and observations on the translations into Old Romanian.
We illustrate it with some extracts from the six chapters in the novel, which we have analysed, both in French and in Romanian.
Cuvinte-cheie:translation, French/ Romanian, allocutive formulae, allocutive titles
Limba: română

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