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Ce înseamnă adverb de mod?

Publicația: Limba română, LVIII (2), p. 238
Editura:Editura Academiei
Rezumat:In this paper, I describe the semantic and syntactic heterogeneity of the class of manner adverbs. Judging upon different criteria, I identified several subtypes of manner adverbs: considering the scope, there are manner adverbs which include the verb in their scope and others which do not, but refer to the result or to the cognate object; according to the semantic type of the adjective that serves at adverbialization, there are manner adverbs of qualification and manner adverbs of quantification; considering the possibility of paraphrase, there are manner adverbs synonym with the syntagm [in + adjective + way/manner] and others which do not allow this synonymy. I also discuss some theoretical problems entailed by the difficulty to define consistently the ontological category of manner, which interferes with other types of values (instrumental, qualifying, local, temporal, comparative, etc.).
  • adverb, mod, clasificare, eterogenitate, ambiguitate
  • adverbial, manner, classification, heterogeneity, ambiguity
Limba: română

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