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Traduction et retraduction de l’oeuvre de Flaubert dans l’espace roumain

Publicația: Atelier de traduction, 18, p. 91
Editura:Editura Universităţii din Suceava
Rezumat:When we say “translation”, we should not take into consideration only the phenomenon of translating new texts, but we must also consider another phenomenon that comes to complete the first one, namely the phenomenon of (re) translation. At some point, any translation can no longer meet the expectations, the tastes or the needs of a new reader audience; in other words, any translation inevitably becomes obsolete. In this context, we will present the factors that trigger the act of (re) translation in Romania, we will emphasise the necessity of a history and critique of translations in Romania and we will review the results of a comparative study that we have undertaken on a corpus of texts written by Flaubert, still unexplored in terms of a critique of translations in the Romanian area.
Cuvinte-cheie:translation, retranslation, history of translations, critique of translations
Limba: franceză

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