Baza de date „Diacronia” (BDD)

La traduction – voie vers un autre monde

Publicația: Atelier de traduction, 14, p. 239
Editura:Editura Universităţii din Suceava
Rezumat:Every language has its own way to perceive the reality, which influences the way in which reality is expressed by the members of a community. When translating, people find out things about the others, about another world which is not theirs. If translation had not existed, it would be difficult to communicate with people from other countries, communication based not only on the transmission of words and phrases but on the sense of the text, because what translators should translate is messages, senses, and texts. Different translation scholars offer different ways in which translation problems could be solved so as the receiving audience perceive the culture and the otherness of another world.
Cuvinte-cheie:informational transfer, translation of culture, equivalence, world knowledge, otherness, extra linguistic universe, messages
Limba: franceză

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32Magda Jeanrenaud
  • Universaliile traducerii
  • Universalien des Übersetzens
Editura Polirom; Frank & Timme Verlag2006; 2014

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