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Les valeurs affectives et polyphoniques des marqueurs discursifs dans la zone illocutionnaire des actes rassurants

Publicația: Revue roumaine de linguistique, LIX (3), p. 225-246
Editura:Editura Academiei
Rezumat:We advance the assumption that the discourse markers with an illocutionary function, as products of a “pragmaticalisation” process, are carrying not only a subjectivation potential of the discourse, but also indications on the context (in particular, emotional) which constrained their appearance, and so, they are always polyfunctional: they have a metadiscursive function referring to “the discursive history” which brings the speaker to perform the language act, an illocutionary function, and a function of textual connector. The corollary of this assumption is that their metadiscursive function confers them also the statute of linguistic markers of the polyphony of utterances to which they take part. The theoretical framework to validate these assumptions, at the interface of semantics and pragmatics, is that of the Semantics of Argumentative Probabilities and a modal approach of the illocutionary act. Two approaches in our exploratory research on the illocutionary markers in the zone of “reassuring” acts, enabled us to consolidate this theoretical framework and to open ways for the development of protocols for the comparative study of the discursive markers in this illocutionary zone, in various languages and cultures, starting from situations whose variables relate to the psychological factors which are at the origin of the exchange.
Cuvinte-cheie:illocutionary modalities, Semantics of Argumentative Probabilities, polyphonic marker, metadiscursive function
Limba: franceză

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